We are generators!

Our main goal has been to help the indigenous communities from the north of Argentina since 2008. In these communities we use the donations we are given to build wells to distribute clean water, electric generators for warmth and other uses, educational courses where we teach human values, and more.

In 2002 Valeria Febrer (teacher) and Eliana Febrer (Musician), started with a social and educational task in the public centers of Buenos Aires; to facilitate meals, play, do theatre, sing songs and give out donations to the children. “We kept moving forward with the social work; and in 2008, with a group of friends, we formed an NGO, with which we began to expand to the poorest territory of Argentina: The Chaco Salteño.

Travels made

Annual shipments
of donations

What do we do?

We have diverse help projects in our program:


Alphabetization and recreation of kids and adults


Capacitation for Jobs and arts to kids, teenagers and adults


Realization of perforations and construction of water wells for drinkable water.


Improvement of Housing


Improvement and renewal of electrical installations


Construction of social and community centers

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How to be a part?

You can also be a "Generador de Cambio"

Donating clothes, shoes, toys, candy, and food.

Raising funds in school, labor place, neighborhood

Collecting articles
for crafting

Making surprise
gift boxes

Helping with
the organization in
the head quarters

Traveling with us

Donate one day tickets to your theater play or show

Solidarity show
or recital


Being a partner and making a monthly contribution



I believe that #YouAreVeryImportant and that we are all worthy of the value of respect and right as valuable people.

Valeria Febrer
Founder and GM

Indifference excludes. Love unites. LOVE.

Eliana Febrer
Founder and GM

Mauro Febrer
Donations logistics, improvement of houses

Elsa Hernández

Everybody have potential and something to give, that passion nobody can extingue.

Damian Godoy
Content Producer and Web Design

An action with love can transform lives and open paths of hope.

Maribel Martinez
Community Planner

David Simonetti
Human Resources and Public Relations

Carlos Pazzi
Public Relations

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For donations, concerns and general questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are to work together, for a better future.


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